Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Our team of veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, receptionists and groomers are ready to provide your pet with the highest standards of medicine and care.

Dr. Stair

Owner & Operator

Dr. Stair is a native to Jefferson County graduating from Northwest High School in 2005. She attended Saint Louis University, graduating in 2009 with a BS in Biology. She achieved a MS from UMSL in Molecular and Cellular Biology, after which she moved to California to attend Vet School at Western University of Health. She finished a degree in veterinary medicine and attained a DVM in 2015. After living in California for 3 years, she couldn’t wait to get back to the Midwest! Dr. Stair’s veterinary career began after graduation with working overnights at the Animal Emergency Clinic in Kirkwood, MO. She became proficient at a wide variety of surgeries and in treating critical patients. She came to High Ridge Animal Hospital when she was ready to have a “day job” and also to spend weekends and holidays with her family. Dr. Stair loves homesteading in her spare time on her 3 acres in High Ridge with chickens, bees, goats, and a garden. She also has two dogs, six cats, a retired AB Clydesdale mare, a quarter horse named Lucky, and two miniature horses: Misty and Dotty.


Registered Veterinary Technician

Danielle has always been an animal lover and grew up with family pets. She initially started college pursuing a degree in Education. Fortunately for us, she eventually shifted her choice to Vet Technology! She worked part-time at High Ridge Animal Hospital during her college years as a student employee. Danielle graduated with an AAS from Jefferson Community College in May of 2022. She then went on to pass the Vet Tech National Exam and achieved a Registered Veterinary Technician certification in September of 2022.

Danielle says the best thing about working at our clinic is her amazing team and very positive work environment.



Raised in High Ridge, Drew is a 2006 graduate of Northwest High School and attended Southeast Missouri State University. He’s the proud owner of Harriet the dog, “Hattie”; and Tyger Tyger, the brown tabby cat. Despite his love for the 4-leggeds, he says people are his favorite animal.

His goal is the same everyday, to be approachable and easy to talk to. You can feel comfortable discussing treatments for your pet with him, as well as flea and tick prevention products.

Drew’s favorite quote comes from Roger Miller: “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”


Lead Veterinary Technician

Lynn grew up in with a vet technician for a mom and as such, her household was host to many animals needing extra care, including cats, dogs and a horse. She developed a love for animals and a desire to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Before graduating from high school and attending college, she had already worked for two years at a vet clinic.

In addition to working full time at the High Ridge Animal hospital, Lynn runs a farm animal rescue called God’s Grace Animal Rescue. Her often changeable population of rescues is supplemented by her personal menagerie consisting of four horses, two mini-horses, five dogs, two cats, a pot belly pig, two sheep, and four goats! Horses have always held a special place in her heart and counts a thirty-one year old retired gelding and a three year old amongst her personal herd. She lives with her two daughters on a small farm in High Ridge.

Lynn says the best part of her job is being able to work with a team as passionate about helping animas as she is. Meeting clients and their pets is a wonderful benefit to working in an Animal Hospital.

Favorite Quote: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel – Maya Angelou


Practice Manager

Trish grew up on a farm in Missouri and developed a strong attachment to animals very early on. This affinity for living things has followed her through life, and has impacted her career choices as an adult. An aunt working in animal control introduced Trish to caring for animals as a profession. She has done every job at the clinic from kennels, to assisting in surgeries, and is now the Practice Manager – a job she describes as both challenging and tremendously rewarding. When asked about her favorite part of the job, Trish responded: “The people. Being part of a team of people who devote their lives to caring for and helping animals are the most amazing, compassionate, inspiring people that I have ever had a chance to meet.”

She lives in the area with her two children, four cats, a three legged black lab, a pigeon, a goat, and a chameleon


Veterinary Assistant

Linda has been a part of the High Ridge team since 2003. Her favorite part of her job is doing dentals. She has three dogs: Jersey (Basset Hound), Jack (Beagle), and Joey (Cockapoo). She also has five cats and a turtle.



Pet owners need someone to properly groom and care for their pets. Ideally that person will also love and respect their pet just as much as they do. Fortunately, we have Heather as our dedicated groomer here! It’s not easy to leave our four legged (sometimes three legged) family members with just anyone. Heather’s great passion is working with these fur babies to help them to look and feel their best. She will always treat them with the same affection and gentleness that their owners would.

There is no single approach to a grooming that is right for every animal. Heather has received training in multiple techniques focused on helping animals feel comfortable. She has lots of patience when dealing with all animals, even those that might not love being at the groomers! She has been grooming for a over a decade and has extensive experience working with animals of all shapes and sizes.


Clinic Cat

Autumn is a beautiful and feisty calico kitty our clinic rescued from the Jefferson County Animal Control facility in December of 2019. She is a real character and has learned how great it is being a beloved pet.


Clinic Cat

Gandalf is a one year old Russian Blue who we saved from Pevely Animal Control in June of 2017. His presence lights up any mood in the room. His favorite thing to do is greet new friends at the door with his raspy voice and gaze out the windows.


Clinic Cat

Olivander is a 3 year old, long haired orange tabby. He came to our clinic as a feral kitten and has made tremendous strides in accepting and loving humans. He prefers to hang out in the back offices but can occasionally be seen in the lobby or at the front desk. His favorite activity is to wait by the faucet till someone turns it on for him to drink from and play in.